Ash Patel

Ash Patel, co-founder of Morad Ventures, brings more than 15 years of Internet experience to the table. A long-time product and engineering leader with Yahoo! Inc., Ash most recently served as the company’s Chief Technology Evangelist. He began his journey with Yahoo! in the early days of the Internet, joining the company’s engineering department in 1996.
While at Yahoo!, Ash held a number of positions, including Senior Vice President of Platform Engineering, Chief Product Officer, and Executive Vice President of the Audience Platform Division. In his early days at the company, Ash built My Yahoo!, registration and login platforms, and the back-end infrastructure for Yahoo! Finance. Later he developed the back end for Yahoo! Messenger, eventually building the team that launched the product. Over ten years, Ash scaled his engineering team to include approximately 1,500 engineers. Together, Ash and his team scaled Yahoo!’s infrastructure and products to handle hundreds of millions of users and their data.
Ash earned a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Kings College of the University of London.