About Us



Pankaj Shah

Pankaj is the founder and CEO of Finches, a global collective of thought leaders in early stage technology. Pankaj is also an investor in dozens of companies, an advisor to eight venture capital firms and collaborates regularly with the NBA. He is an early backer of Wish, Addepar, BuildZoom, OpenGov and many other companies.

Head of Product and Engineering

Ryan Atkins

Originally from Ormond Beach Florida, Ryan graduated from Stanford University in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Prior to Finches, Ryan was the CTO of Slide, a startup focused on enhancing the nightlife industry. 

Creative Advisor

Adam Hanft

Adam Hanft, a globally recognized marketing and branding expert, is the founder and CEO of Hanft Projects, a specialized brand strategy firm. He holds a board position at Scotts Miracle-Gro, a leading company in consumer lawn and garden products, where he significantly contributes to their market strategies, including the “Connected Yard” and IoT initiatives. Adam has advised renowned corporations from McKinsey to Microsoft, and numerous early-stage companies across various markets. His leadership was instrumental in the transformation of Match.com’s marketing and creative strategies. In addition, Adam is a prolific writer on business, culture, and politics for platforms like Huffington Post, Fast Company, and Mashable, and has made appearances on media platforms ranging from the Today Show to the Daily Show.

Partnerships Advisor

Evan Ferl

Evan Ferl currently serves as the General Counsel and Chief Strategy Officer at Bambee, a company specializing in HR technology. His previous experience includes General Counsel and Vice President for Strategy and Corporate Development at Poshmark during the company’s IPO. He has spent more than a decade in upper-level legal roles at various tech companies such as VMware, where he was a Senior Legal Counsel, SumTotal Systems, later acquired by CornerStone OnDemand, and Hired. Evan started his career in the legal field at NASA’s office of the Chief Counsel, which provided a strong foundation for his later roles.