Harris Barton

Harris Barton, the driving force behind H. Barton Asset Management, manages an extensive portfolio totaling $950 million. His proficiency lies in venture capital funds, with a particular focus on technology startups and funds from top-tier VCs. Prior to this, Mr. Barton co-founded HRJ Capital, a notable investment firm.

His financial prowess was nurtured during his football career as an All-Pro offensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers, which laid the groundwork for his transition into private equity investment. Mr. Barton’s philanthropic efforts are equally commendable. He co-founded Champion Charities with his former NFL teammate, Ronnie Lott, in 2004. The charity has raised over $20 million for brain cancer research and patient care.

A University of North Carolina graduate, Mr. Barton consistently blends the passion and teamwork from his football days into his professional and philanthropic activities.